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Gmail update uses AI to make email less annoying

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Google is trying to make email a little less annoying by incorporating smarter artificial intelligence. The end goal is to reduce the barrage of notifications Gmail users receive.

To do so, Google is using machine learning to analyze, locate and filter out certain emails that users tend to skip or instantly move to trash. As a result, Gmail users will only be alerted to the specific emails it deems to be the most important.

The update is now rolling out to iOS devices that use the Gmail app and is expected to roll out to Android devices in the coming days. Apple users will be prompted with a “Try notifications for only your high priority emails” prompt to activate the feature. They will have the option to try it out or ignore it; if you’re one to get a lot of annoying emails, it could make email a lot easier.

Google will also give users the option to turn on the feature at a later time by going to settings.

Over the past couple years, Google has put a big emphasis on using machine learning to upgrade just about every single one of its services. Gmail has seen some of these updates, but this seems to be one of the most useful features yet.


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